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Management – Team building

  • Coordination of 27 countries in the European Union.
  • Focus on 5 countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy.
  • Daily management of 5 providers agencies.
  • Social media campaign support of the other department campaign ( PR, Event, CRM, Digital, TV)



  • Influencer program strategy scope 20 countries.
  • YouTube strategy establishment scope 27 countries.
  • Set-up collaboration between social media team and CRM team to create a Social CRM team.
  • Social media ads management: media guidelines, forecasting, investment, targeting & analytics.
  • Social paid efficiency, social tracking strategy


Social media management

  • Europe marketing product management: Qashqai, Juke, Xtrail, Pulsar, Note, Micra, Navara.


– Strategist / Planner: Watch, trends, brainstorming, search, strategy, tactic, mechanisms, media.
– Production: Content creation, development, assets, copyrighting.
– International team coordination: Team building, organization, planning, reports.
– Social paid media strategist: Forecasting, targeting, investment, paid media efficiency reporting.
– Analytics & Performances: Metrics, tools, analytics, KPIs.


– E-Reputation: Analytics, customer insights, recommendation.
– Influencer strategy: KPIs definition, creation of operational plan.
– Networking: Press & blogger relationship, partnership, social networks.
– Campaign deployment: Coordination, events, production.
– Influencer campaign performance reporting: SOV, reach, sentiments, volume.


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