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It’s a fact, video are the content the most watch on Internet.

Google and YouTube are the most visited website, but until now this platform remain free….

YouTube is on it way to change this. Now time it’s time for monetization. YouTube Business is based on Ads, but with the expansion of the media, this platform reach an other dimension.

YouTube is bigger than cable TV. Well, to be more precise, it’s bigger than any single U.S. cable network among the key demographic that includes those ages 18 to 49. More, everywhere in the world people are watching YouTube to listen music.

YouTube launch YouTube RED application . It’s a YouTube premium for $9.99 per month.

Ending months of suspense,YouTube has announced YouTube Red, a paid subscription option for the video sharing platform. YouTube Red will allow users to pay to remove ads across the entire YouTube platform.

Beginning on Oct. 28, YouTube users in the U.S. can try YouTube Red free for one month. After the trial, the ad-free service costs $9.99 per month. Once subscribed, this membership will carry across all platforms where YouTube is available, and will be accessed by signing into one’s account. In addition, YouTube viewers on smartphones and tablets will receive the ability to save videos to watch them offline, and play videos in the background even after switching apps or turning off the screen.

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In addition to YouTube Red, YouTube announced the free YouTube Music app, which is coming soon to mobile devices.

What is going to happen to Spotify, Deezer, Netflix ?