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According a Klout Study, the best time to publish content on Facebook and Twitter it’s by the end of the day around 7:00PM and 8:00PM. The analysis it’s founded on 44 millions of posts and more than 1,1 billion interactions. This number take in charge the reaction delivery time and also the dynamic between different cities & time zone.

  • On Twitter, the engagement rate decrease more than a half on Saturday and Sunday due the the week-end, but on Facebook this engagement rate looks less affected.
  • During the week-end, people publishes more content on Facebook on Sunday.
  • In US, we can observe an increase during the first part of the day and in Paris, there are reactions pic during the second part of a work day. However, in London, most part of the conversation takes place during the end of the day.
  • It’s also nice to see that in Tokyo, reaction pic is out of the working day hours.

When you publish a content, most of the interaction happen 2 hours after.

  • On Twitter, reaction happen immediately after the publication because the volume of content is more important. We count more than 50% of the interaction right after publication
  • On Facebook 50% of the interaction happen 30 min after the publication.

In order to help publishers to get more visibility and engagement, Klout has developed an algorithm and a module into the site to post content in the right time and then, increase your engagement rate.

According, your content, your tag and also your social platform, Klout gives you the right timing to optimize your content.

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Now, we need to know if using Klout to publish content it not affected the organic visibility of the Facebook and Twitter posts which encourage more the native upload…

See the full study clicking here

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